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Star Wars.  Can you remember a time without it?  I can’t.  For kids born in the early 1970s Star Wars  is a staple of childhood, a right of passage, and a way of life.  Its something that has inspired and influenced almost everything about us.  And as we have grown up, it has followed.  As young adults the Special Editions drew us right back in.  As we matured into true grown ups the Prequel Trilogy brought to life the long fabled Episodes 1-3 that we all fantasized about for decades.  Now, with the Sequel Trilogy, many of us have children who we are able to not only share Star Wars with, but also experience it anew.  This is a truly unique aspect of the Star Wars phenomenon that will likely never happen again.

Here at EpisodeNone.com we will explore the Star Wars universe with a variety of postings and articles that will cover a variety of topics within the Star Wars mythos.  This material will cover everything from theories, celebrations, gripes, and greatness of all things Star Wars.

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Things are about to jump to lightspeed!

Sifo-Dyas/Darth Maul/General Grievous: What If?

One of the greatest things about Star Wars is speculating and theorizing. There was no better time to get lost in the wonder than during the Prequel Trilogy.

This article covers one of my personal favorite theories:
Sifo-Dyas, Darth Maul, and General Grievous were all the same character. Continue reading “Sifo-Dyas/Darth Maul/General Grievous: What If?”