About Us

What is EpisodeNone.com?

EpisodeNone.com is Star Wars talk and perspective by Star Wars enthusiasts of all kinds.  We will present articles and other media created by writers and creators with various views on all things Star Wars including reviews, topical articles, predictions, and more!

What is EpisodeNone.com not?

EpisodeNone.com is not a Star Wars news or spoiler website.  We do not claim to have any special sources or connections that would give us access to information in regard to upcoming Star Wars films, books, or anything else.

What does “Star Wars Beyond Numbers” mean?

“Star Wars Beyond Numbers” refers to the idea that, although the Skywalker Saga films are numbered, they are telling a single story.  In addition to the Saga films, the anthology films are meant be individual stories, and thus do not require a numbering system.  In the future we will also see additional trilogies that are separate from the existing Saga films.  These groups of films will also likely be telling a single story across multiple films.